Remix Competition

Masage McLuhan Remix Competition 2011

Deadline: 15. June 2011, midnight local time.

As part of the centennial programs of McLuhan100 hereby we proclaim a competition for musicians, dj’s, artists, whom with their remix will re-interpret the work of Marshall McLuhan.

Base material of the competition:

Marshall McLuhan’s radio play from 1968 entitled Medium is massage.

The aim of the competition:

To re-think the media-theorist’s most often mentioned concept with the tools of contemporary electronic music and to also give a chance to musicians to interpret the current meaning of “medium is the message” with their own assets.

Details of the competition:

The MASSAGE McLuhan REMIX COMPETITION 2011 is open for everyone; all applicants can apply with any number of remixes.
The submitted materials must contain the sentence “Medium is the massage”, chopped up or as a whole but in whole length. The cut out words can be transformed freely.
The radio play is in 2 parts and over 40 minutes long, therefore we would encourage every applicant to use other parts from it as well and use them as they like. The sent in tracks must not contain any material from any other artist or other license protected music and sound recording or parts of them.
The proposed works can be any BPM, they should not be longer then 10 minutes, but there is no genre restriction.


The accepted formats are: *.mp3, *.m4a, *.wav. In case of compressed formats the minimum bitrate should be 256 kbit/sec. There is no size restriction. If you send your work via a file sending service please DO NOT archive it.

The submitted materials will only be published after the announcement of the results, so please do not publish your works on any file sharing site like, myspace, soundcloud, you know, before that. Violation of these rules will result in automatic disqualification, which applies to all material submitted by the applicant. We will release the list of the 10 winners after 1 month of the deadline.


Professional international judges (we will soon publish who) will select the top 10 pieces, from which a surprise artist will put together a live set on a public even during autumn. The original material is under CC license, therefore none can make profit from it and it can only be used for educational purposes. As a prize we will press 100 CD-s, at our own expense, with the 10 winning tracks, which the artists can only use for promotional purposes.

Please send your material to To the subject line please write: MASSAGE McLuhan REMIX CONTEST 2011. The filename should be: artist.format! The original material can be downloaded from:

Good luck!