Global – local

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Global – local – Janus Faces in the World of Communications

Location: Trafó – House of Contemporary Art
Date: April 10. / 6 pm., Sunday

KBU organized a series of conversation about the synergies and conflicts of global and local networks. We are dealing with the effects and impacts of Facebook-Google-Youtube phenomenon on the local internet content, and what will be the influence on the variety of data, information, news and propagation. The experts are also talking about the changes in the local and national culture, how they strengthen or complete the global communities and networks.

Uj Péter – index Editor in Chief
Weyer Balázs – origo Editor in Chief
Bodó Balázs – Média Oktató és Kutató Központ
Rozgonyi Krisztina – az NHH volt elnöke
Balogh Ákos Gergely – Mandiner Editor in Chief

Lead: Kálmán Olga