Collective Action

Collective Action

Collective Action by the Students of the Intermedia and their Guests Dedicated to Marshall McLuhan Budapest

Location: Intermedia Department, Hungarian University of Fine Arts
Date: 2011. November 22.

Medium Analysis I. – Watching television during the whole day was first organized by the Intermedia at the 22nd of November, 1991. It was repeated in 1993 in the frame of the Polyphony exhibition, than 1995 and at the fourth time in 1997 as part of Videology – French-Hungarian Video Festival during the Budapest Autumn Festival.

After 20 years, 2011 November the 22nd the last synthetic action will be organized to repeat again the event and summarize the changes between 1991-2011. The structure will be the same: One-day watching television together, using all the recorded materials from 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997 as well.

At page 69 in Marshall McLuhan – Quentin Fiore The Medium is the Massage there is an illustration from a perspective book, Maniere universelle de M. Desargues, an engraving by Abraham Bosse. The text above the picture reads „The method of our time is to use not a single but multiple models for exploration” – this sentence together with the picture roughly describes the idea and environment of our collective action: Medium Analysis Watching television during the whole day.

Intermedia Department, Hungarian University of Fine Arts

C3: Center for Culture & Communication Foundation